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There are a wide range of problems related to lack of regular cleaning and maintainance.

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Typical concrete roof tiles usually have the life expectancy of only 25-35 years. So if your roof is older and look aged, you should consider making it look better! Call us for an advice, Gregor on (01223) 839 279 or 07894086919.

Deal with the roof issues now and avoid costly future re-roofing!

Roof Problems
The growth of moss and algae on roofs has reached an unprecedented level. This creates a dull, dirty and unsightly appearance to your home. To be specific, moss produces acids which break down the roofing substrate, and therefore shortens the lifespan of the roof itself.  It also retains moisture keeping the roof wetter for longer and adds a great deal of weight to the structure. During the winter, moisture retained by moss can expand, lift, and crack tiles.  Moreover, it often gives the impression of poor maintenance by having moss, algae, and lichen on the roof.

Many roofs have fundamental issues, such as the need to re-point or repair broken tiles, and these can only lead to more problems in the future. This is why many home owners in the UK are taking an advantage of roof renovation solutions provided by Ever-Roof

To restore your old roof to its former glory, our roof renovation is up to 80%cheaper than replacing with a new roof.

Once cleaned and sealed, the roof tiles will look cleaner and fresher. Most airborne contaminates will be washed away with rain, adding years to the roof's lifespan. A clean roof will enhance the look and the value of your home.

Once sealed, your roof will be easier to clean in the future.

Problems with your roof



Are your roof tiles concrete or clay?

Extend the life of your roof for up to 30 years!

Does your roof look dirty and aged?

Eliminate moss and lichen growth from your roof!

Are your existing roof tiles discoloured?

Increase the value of your property!

Do you have moss and algae growth?

Improve the appearance of your home!

Does your roof require repairs?

Create the water barrier, not a vapour barrier!

If your answers are YES to any of the above, you need to consider roof renovation works.

10 year guarantee, giving you a peace of mind!


Avoid any costly re-roofing in the future!

Dust and dirt inside
Dust and dirt have been associated with health problems such as asthma, headaches, nausea, rashes, and other skin conditions.
A clean dust and dirt-free environment helps reduce a chance of possible illness and create a comfortable atmosphere to work or to live in.
You can be sure that our highly professional services are the best value for money -- we guarantee to beat any equivalent quote by a massive 10%.

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