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Roof Sealing
Sealing your roof means more than a glossy finish, it actually preserves and restores at the same time.

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High Tech Property Maintenance Solutions

Roof Coating
Ever-Roof uses Kingfisher Products

To renew old tired roofs without the cost of roof tiles replacement.

  1. Extends the life span of existing roof tiles by 10 years
  2. Has a 10 years manufacturer guarantee
  3. Creates a 100% watertight membrane
  4. Has elastic properties
  5. Is extremely durable and will not crack

Roof Coating Colours Available**:

** these colour samples may vary slightly from what you see on your screen


Does your facade soak up water?

Extreme climate solution

If yes, then get it impregnated and protected with Ever-Roof
Extreme Climate  solution.

The product we use is developed with Nano-technology for all mineral surfaces such as clay roofing tiles, concrete, and facades.

  1. Reliably prevents penetration of water and hence the damage by frost
  2. Has a water-repellent effect (dry walls = less heating costs)
  3. Prevents the growth of moss and algae
  4. Long durability (10 years guarantee)
  5. Prevents salt efflorescence


Paving and Stone Treatment

Revitalise patios and driveways.
Re-energise and renew tired and worn flags, stones and crazy paving with this state-of-the-art stone coating.

Utilising new “Nano Technology” to clean and protect all types of stone for a minimum of 5 years!

  1. has a 5 years manufacturer guarantee
  2. creates a 100% watertight membrane to repel water
  3. is extremely durable and hard wearing
  4. makes the surface like new, enabling easy future maintenance and cleaning


Coating for Flat Roofs

Maximum protection for flat roofs
This new technology offers a 100% watertight solution for leaking flat roofs.
Standing water is no longer a problem, making leaks a thing of the past.

  1. up to 15 years manufacturer warranty
  2. has elastic properties
  3. is flexible, durable, and will not crack


Coating for Metal & Railings

ONLY ONE coat directly to rust is all it takes to give metal the perfect finish -- No expensive primers needed.

Apply directly to rust and metals with a single coat, has a built in rust inhibitive which prevents rust developing over a period of time.

  1. gives long-lasting protection
  2. is suitable for interior & exterior use
  3. is sag resistant, and leaves no brush strokes


Masonry Renovation Coating Treatment

Paint over the cracks...
Weatherflex is a renovation paint for exterior walls of older, historical and listed buildings.

Thanks to its long lasting elasticity and breathing capability, Weatherflex offers the ideal solution for waterproofing and renovating porous and cracked walls permanently.


  1. has a 15 years manufacturer guarantee
  2. creates 100% watertight membrane
  3. is extremely durable against the elements
  4. is 500% elastic and will not crack or peel

Coating for Metal Cladding

Revitalise exterior cladding
Over the last forty years, cladding has been the material of choice for commercial buildings.
Old, worn cladding can make a building look tired. Ever-Roof & Kingfisher offer an easy opportunity to revitalise and restore cladding.

  1. are rust preventative and anticorrosive
  2. have elastic properties
  3. are extremely durable and will not crack

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